Garden & Container Concepts

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In the meantime please feel free to contact us for custom landscape design services.


Garden Concepts—are a series of colorful pre-designed planting concepts available in five sizes,
adaptable to a range of bed shapes. Light requirements vary from full sun to shade depending on the style.

Beachside Garden
Blue & White Garden
Bird & Butterfly Garden
Evergreen Garden
Fragrant Garden
Parterre Garden
Pink & Purple Garden
Rain Garden
Shade Garden
Vegetable Garden w/ Enclosure
or Raised Beds
Xeriscape Garden
White Garden
Woodland Garden

Petite - 40 SF or a 4'x 10' bed
Small - 100 SFor a 5'x 20' bed
Medium - 180 SF or a a 6'x 30' bed
Large - 280 SF or a 7'x 40' bed
X-Large - 400 SF or a 8'x 50' bed

Larger Sizes can be custom designed upon request.

The gardens can be ordered through Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC; the garden prices are available on request and include the delivery and installation. Please note that some plant material is seasonally available, we reserve the right to make substitutions when necessary. Substitutions will be in keeping with the overall look of the selected combination.

To schedule an appointment to review the planting concpets and examples of plant material please call 203-333-2003 or e-mail: