Garden & Container Concepts

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Container Concepts—are a series of colorful planting concepts adaptable to many sizes of pots, planters and window boxes. 
Select the color scheme & style of planting to suite your taste. We can plant your existing container or select a new container to compliment your home. See ordering instructions below.

Please note the name of the planting combination that you prefer, we offer both in-house container planting services at the garden center or if you have large planters or too many to bring in we can come to your home and install the plantings. If you do not already own planters the garden center has a wide variety to choose from. Pricing is based on the size of the containers and planting combination.

For in-house container services contact Ganim's Garden Center & Florist, LLC at 203.333.5662

For at-home container services contact Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC at 203.333.2003

Please note that some plant material is seasonally available, we reserve the right to make substitutions when necessary. Substitutions will be in keeping with the overall look of the selected combination.