Garden & Container Concepts

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Ganim’s Garden Center & Florist, LLC in conjunction with Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC
is pleased to introduce a series of Container & Garden concepts.

Container Concepts—are a series of colorful planting concepts adaptable to many sizes of pots, planters and window boxes.  Select the color scheme & style of planting to suite your taste. We can plant your existing container or select a new container to compliment your home.

Garden Concepts—the plantings incorporate perennials, shrubs and in some instances ornamental trees, although they are designed for standard sized planting beds, but can be adapted to meet your needs.  There concepts available in several color combinations with a variety of light requirements.  You will be able to select ordering these as do-it-yourself installation kits or have our trained crews install the garden at your home.

Patio Concepts—the patio and walks were designed to accommodate a variety of outdoor living activities whether you need an intimate space to sit and read the paper or a larger space for dining and entertaining we have created a selection of concepts for you to choose from. Simply select the size that works for you and our trained crews install the patio or walk at your home.